About Us

Universal Services was founded in 2002 as an independent Repair and Calibration Facility for certain obsolete and no longer supported PMC/Beta and Metrix Instrument Co. products. The popular PMC/Beta Model 208 Vibration Analyzer/Balancer, as well as its private labeled variations, and the Metrix Model 5372 Vibration Monitoring System are the main supported products although some other obsolete products are supported as well.

A Static and Dynamic Proximity Probe System Calibrator was introduced as a NEW product in 2005.

NEW replacement plug-in boards for the Model 5372 Vibration Monitoring System were introduced in 2007.

The Universal Services name was changed to Universal Vibration Services, LLC in 2009.

NEW complete 5372 equivalent Explosion Proof systems, data displays and power supplies were shipped in 2012.
Currently under development is a new and more capable Proximity Probe System Calibrator, which will elliminate the need for the ancillary equipment currently required, such as power supplies, test meters and cabling.

Also under development and scheduled for a 2013 release are 5372 equivalent Weather Proof Vibration Monitoring systems.

New Products

                             Universal Vibration Services, LLC