Universal Vibration Services, LLC


Model GLI-01 Proximity Probe Calibrator
Dynamic & Static Proximity Sensor Calibrator with rugged carrying case may be carried into the plant in order to test and calibrate installed proximity sensor systems. Of course, it may also be used in the plant repair and calibration facility. Equivalent to the Bently Model TK-3 and other manufacturer's similar products. Requires 110 vac. For use in "safe" areas only.
Model 208 Vibration Analyzer/Balancer
Originally produced by PMC/Beta, the Model 208 Vibration Analyzer has been a popular product for many years. Now available NEW from Universal Vibration Services, LLC! Included is a Strobe Light for use in the balancing of rotating machinery. New Strobe Lights and Cables are available to replace the worn/tired 208 Acessories of your Analyzer/Balancer.
Model 5372 Vibration Monitoring System
Originally produced by Metrix Instrument Co.for many years in explosion-proof and weather proof versions. This Vibration Monitoring System is still in service in many locations around the world.

Universal Vibration Services, LLC can now supply NEW plug-in boards for replacement or expansion purposes. Complete NEW E.P.Systems in 12 and 24 channel versions are now available. NEMA4 versions will soon be available. Call for details.